Cast On {Tangelo}

Well I have at least started my gauge swatch. I am joining Nice & Knit for a Summer Sweater Knit-A-Long. I am knitting Tangelo with Silky Wool’s Yellow Apple. This swatch is really giving me fits. The patter says that DK is OK to use and calls for a size 7. I came up with 2 extra stitches in my gauge. While knitting, I realized the yarn really feels like a fingering weight. I went with the next size up needle, but the gauge seems too open for me. It wouldn’t be in issue for me because a small cami could be worn underneath, but it’s supposed to be for summer so an extra layer just doesn’t make sense.

I wanted to double up the yarn to make it bulkier since it felt so fine and had a minor freak out! I wasn’t going to have enough yarn!! Then I realized I had estimated my yardage wrong. DER! I hadn’t realized the pattern was in yards and the yarn was in meters! UGH! I just wish everyone used the metric system. It would make things so much easier. So I jump started my brain and did some number crunching and the coast is clear. I will have just enough yardage to finish with the yarn held double.

I’m so in love with this yarn. The color is so sweet and summery. My sweet Little Miss is so adorable in yellow, but I may be a bit biased. The only issue I am finding, is that there are bits of “vegetable matter” in the fibers. It adds to the rustic feel of the yarn and isn’t a huge problem. I just pick them out as I go along. I had read some reviews and seen that some people had a major issue with this though.

The drape is going to be great for this pattern. It doesn’t seem like it will be too clingy, so that will help with the coolness factor of the sweater.

I can’t wait to get this dumb swatch done so I can finally OFFICIALLY cast on. Being impatient has gotten the best of me in the past, so I will continue on.

I will leave you with a simple reminder incase some of you were wondering:

1 yard=0.914 meters and 1meter=3.280 feet

Please click that link to go to the Nice & Knit website to get all the details for the Knit-A-Long and feel free to join in!

Love Always,

Nicole <3

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